Punashcha- A Film Review

I thought of Punashcha after a few years again. Luckily, I found my favorite Rupa Ganguly film on Amazon Prime. Apparently it is a remake of the Hindi film, Yatra starring Nana Patekar, I didn’t know that.

But coming back to the very evocative Punashcha, one can only admire the making of the film, the subtle music, the strong sense of nostalgia and the universal appeal of love and longing it so beautifully captures.

The grace and beauty of Rupa Ganguly is what makes this film stand out for me. The rare camaraderie between two women who could have been rivals in love but how they hold, console and understand each other when the world turns against them is interesting too.

The movie is akin to poetry, slow in its movement, but with enough pauses prompting thought and mulling over.


The beautiful Rupa Ganguly in Punashcha

While I am still writing the thesis, the next phase of writing claims my mind and heart and I go looking for stories to watch, to tell, to listen to and to read…..the film reviews just follow…


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