Embrace Yourself-V, Chiquitita

Chiquitita, you and I know our roots are where we sprung from, and like everybody else’s they are strong, proud, yes, sometimes tacky but mostly sturdy, well, if not, Chiquitita, it’s your turn to make it grow wings.

The ABBA classic is soulful and meaningful but what I want to stress here is the need to accept where you come from i.e. the family, the village, the city, the class, the caste, the religion, the parents, the siblings, the name, fame, even the infamy, if any.

Once, you learn to accept and agree, ‘ok, so this is where I come from’, it sort of becomes easier for you, to map where you want to go. It helps you to just stand up and say to yourself, ‘I come from this & this, so what! /or cool, now I am going to be this and that and much more!’

Meaning, where you come from alone need not and does not define you, you have all the right in the world to choose to be whoever you want!

And how beautiful is that, really!

The body type, the color, the race, the family background, the gender need not be something to hold you back, instead you could choose to make it your strength.

Agreed that it is not easy as it sounds, but it is not impossible either.

By taking a good look at where you come from in a most dispassionate manner, you will save yourself considerable time from wallowing in self-pity and instead focus on your onward journey. In fact, the earlier you acknowledge your roots for what it really is, the quicker you will move ahead in creating a powerful identify of yourself.

So, Chiquitita, break your chains and go sing a new song!!!

songs that heal


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